Alice Viola Seiple

ID# 7637, b. 31 December 1895, d. 11 March 1967

Another photo of some of Henry Adam's children. In the back are Alice Viola and Aaron J. Across the front is Lydia Elizabeth, Archie Elwood and Ralph Edgar. Judging by Archie's appearing to be less than a year old, this photo was likely taken around 1910. (contributed by Berit Seiple Osworth)
  • Marriage*: Alice Viola Seiple married Robert Rigney.
  • Marriage*: Alice Viola Seiple married Malcom Van Billiard.
  • Birth*: Alice Viola Seiple was born on 31 December 1895 at Williams Twp., Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
  • Death*: Alice Viola Seiple died on 11 March 1967 at age 71.

Family 1: Robert Rigney d. b 1967