Paul Allman Siple Slideshow
1909, Baby Paul Siple
Paul Siple as an infant. Pictured with his sister Carol.
Paul Siple as a child. He is shown here with his sister Carol, J. Pierre Bordner and Carl Allman.
1920's. Paul Siple at a family Sing-A-Long at the Erie, PA home.
A young Paul Siple before he we with Admiral Byrd on the first Antacrtic Expedition in 1929.
1928 Photo. Paul Siple as the "Explorer". Paul was the first Boy Scout chosen by Armiral Byrd to accompany him on an expedition to Antartica.
1929 Photo. Paul Siple broadcasting from Antartica on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System). Take special note of the banner in the background that attests to location purpose.
In 1928 Paul Siple was the first Boy Scout chosen to accompany Admiral Byrd on an expedition to Antartica. This photo was taken in 1929. Paul Siple is feeding penguins.
1930's photo. Paul Siple pictured with his parents.
Portrait of Lt. Col. Paul Siple. Paul was with the U. S. War Department and was assigned to Admiral Byrd for research studies conducted in Antartica.
1928 photo. Paul Siple at a family reunion. He is pictured here with his Great Uncle Peter Friend.
Boy Scout Paul Siple, who accompanied the Byrd expedition to the South Pole, relates some of his adventures to a group of fellow scouts in Washington D.C., circa 1930.
1930. Parade for Paul Siple's return home from Antartica. Paul is accompanied by his wife and his mother.
1930 Photo. Paul Siple in the Parade that celebrated his first return home for the 1928 Antartic Expedition with Admiral Byrd. Paul was the first Boy Scout to be selected by Admiral Byrd to accompany the Admiral to Antartica.
Paul Siple with Admiral Byrd in 1947 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City for the 37th Annual Meeting of the Council of Boy Scouts. The Award being presented to Paul Seiple by Admiral Byrd is the "Silver Buffalo".
During WWII, Paul Siple served in the US War Department as a Special Assistant to Admiral Byrd.
1940 Photo. Lt. Col. Paul Siple served the U.S. War Department under supervision of Admiral Byrd as a Special Assistant.