Seipel, Seiple, and Siple in America

The first recorded instance of the name in America came with the Palatine immigration in 1709. These early Germans settled in the Mohawk Valley of New York. Later immigrants of the name arrived in Philadelphia and settled in Pennsylvania and some moved to Maryland and on to Virginia. By the 1790 United States Census, the following Seipel heads of households were recorded:

Head of Household:         Location:

Seibel, George                     Albany County, NY

Seibel, Michael                    Albany County, NY

Seiple, Conrad                     Montgomery County, PA

Seiple, Henry                        Montgomery County, PA

Seyple, Gerhart                    Lancaster County, PA

Sible, Richard                       New York County, NY

Sible, William Chester         District, SC

Siple, Conrad                       Shenandoah County, VA

Siples, Cunrod                      Rockingham County, VA

Syple, George                       Bucks County, PA

Syple, Valentine                    Montgomery County, PA


The 1800 United States Census recorded the following:

 Head of Household:        Location:

 Seibel, Henry                       Montgomery County, PA

Seibles, John                        Lexington District, SC

Seipel, Conrad                     Northampton County, PA

Seipel, Henry                        Northampton County, PA

Seipel, John                          Northampton County, PA

Seiple, Jacob                        Northampton County, PA

Seipple, John                        Lancaster County, PA

Sibel, Henry                           Ann Arundel County, MD

Sibell, John                            New York County, NY

Sibels, Michael                      Albany County, NY

Sible, Adam                           Montgomery County, NY

Sible, Ebenezer                     Orange County, NY

Sible, George                         Ostego County, NY

Sible, Jacob                            Montgomery County, NY

Sible, Rober                            Montgomery County, NY

Siple, David                            Philadelphia County, PA

Siple, John T.                          Addison County, VT

Siple, Peter                             Delaware County, NY

Sipls, George                          Bucks County, PA


By 1850, the United States census reflected the western movement of the population and the increased instances of the surname and its variants:

 Name:                      Number of Entries:  States

CIPLE                         5                                   PA,VT

CIPLES                      1                                   SC

SCIPLE                      3                                   IN, NC, PA

SCIPLES                   3                                   NJ, NY

SEIPEL                      11                                 MO, OH, PA

SEIPLE                      43                                 AL, IL, MD, NJ, OH, PA

SIPLE                         41                                 FL, GA, IL, IN, NY, OH, PA, VA, VT, WVA