John Seiple

ID# 1866, b. 6 September 1837, d. 8 July 1863

John Seiple served in the 53rd PA, Co. F and fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. John was wounded on the first day somewhere between Barlow's Knoll and town. The 153rd was flanked and routed and driven through town. After he was wounded, he made his way through town to the German Reformed Church at the corner of Stratton and High Sts., where he sought refuge. This church was used as a hospital throughout the 3-day battle. When the Rebels took the town, he became a prisoner in the church. He remained there until the Rebels moved out on the third day. He was taken south of town to the 11th Corps field hospital, which was the George Spangler farm's barn; the barn still stands today. John died an agonizing death of lockjaw in that barn. (Photo Contributed by Roy Siple; Textual Commentary by Mark Seipel)

  • Birth*: John Seiple was born on 6 September 1837 at Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
  • Milit-Beg*: John Seiple began military service circa 1861 Was a member of the One Hundred and Fifty-Third P.V.I; killed at Gettysburg.
  • Death*: John Seiple died on 8 July 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at age 25 Died at the battle of Gettysburg.
  • Burial*: John Seiple was buried after 8 July 1863 at St. Luke's Old Williams Cemetery, Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, and his cemetery marker reads: "First Sergt. Co. F 153rd PV who was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg July 1st 1863 whilst nobly defending his country's flag and died at that place July 8 1863 aged 25 years, 10 mos, and 2 days. I have fought a good fight."