Edward A. Seiple

ID# 175, b. 18 January 1821, d. 20 March 1893
  • Marriage*: Edward A. Seiple married Elizabeth Jane Keck The History of the Keck family states she married "Peter" Seiple.
  • Birth*: Edward A. Seiple was born on 18 January 1821 at Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, His death certificate lists his age at death as 72 years, 2 months and 20 days.
  • Occupation*: Edward A. Seiple was Marshall in 1874 at Niles, Trumbull County, Ohio.
  • Death*: Edward A. Seiple died on 20 March 1893 at Niles, Trumbull County, Ohio, at age 72 Death record lists cause of death as asthma.

Family: Elizabeth Jane Keck b. 8 Feb 1822, d. 9 Aug 1914